We can’t believe it’s December already. The year has really flown by. Real estate has been great in 2016 and all indicators point to 2017 being a good year too. One of the most common questions I’ve been getting lately is, “What can I do right now to prepare my home for sale when I’m ready to list?” I’ve got three tips to share with you today:

1. Hire a professional real estate agent. A professional will know the market and where to find buyers in it. They also know how to market your home so it attracts the highest number of buyers possible.

2. Improve your curb appeal. That’s the outside of your home. We spend so much time on the inside that we sometimes forget about our home’s exterior. Focus your attention on the inside of the home as well.

3. Stage your home to sell. There is a difference between staging your home to live in and staging your home to sell. You can hire a professional stager or use your agent and their experience for advice on what you can do with what you already have.

“All indications point to another great year in 2017.”

If you have any questions for us or would like to list your home, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help in any way possible and look forward to hearing from you soon.